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Bug#552497: hw-detect: file conflict with udev-udeb for /lib/udev/firmware.agent

tag 552497 - pending

There is a difference between the scripts. The hw-detect version writes 
some info to a file needed to support firmware loading.

There are however two issues.
1) The custom script never gets included in initrds as hw-detect gets 
unpacked first and thus the original udev version of the script overwrites 
the modified hw-detect version.
2) The two scripts get out of sync when there are upstream changes to the 

Note that the current version of the original script also has a facility to 
register missing firmware.

The hw-detect version does:
echo "$PHYSDEVDRIVER $FIRMWARE" >>/tmp/missing-firmware

While the udev version does:
if [ -d /dev/.udev/ ]; then
    mkdir -p /dev/.udev/firmware-missing/
    file=$(echo "$FIRMWARE" | sed -e 's#/#\\x2f#g')
    ln -s -f "$DEVPATH" /dev/.udev/firmware-missing/$file

So, if we can somehow get the PHYSDEVDRIVER info from sysfs, we should be 
able to just use the original version.

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