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Re: armel debian-installer build failure

On Wednesday 23 December 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> It could explain a difference between the buildd's and my build logs
> though: it looks as if the correct kernel udebs may be getting filtered
> out.

I've looked at the diff between my log and that from the buildd. It's
quite complex and I can't be 100% sure, but it looks as if the problem
is before the Kernel-Version filtering.

The order of execution is:
- get-packages update
- pkg-list => produces <list of udebs>
- get-packages <list of udebs>

The Kernel-Version filtering happens in the last get-packages step.

The first difference is in the "get-packages udeb" and "Need to download:"
lines. In my log this includes core-modules-2.6.30-2-ixp4xx-di, but on the
buildd that's missing. AFAICT this means that the output from pkg-list
is already different. That would mean that it's NOT the Kernel-Version
filtering as that happens later.

The reason core-modules is missing, but input-modules is not is probably
that the first is only included by pkg-list as a dependency, while the
second is listed explicitly for the netboot target in the pkg-lists

The output below is from 'apt-get -d <udebs>' (download only) from the last

Again, this needs further debugging on a failing box.

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