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Re: Problems with Debian PowerPC

On Thursday 17 December 2009, Rick Thomas wrote:
> It may not be "grave" for the installer (indeed, you've already
> established at great length that it's not an installer problem at all)
> but that doesn't make it any the less grave for whatever package it
> does belong to.  You've given me a few hints as to how to figure out
> what package that might be.  Any further help -- from anyone more
> knowledgeable than I -- will be appreciated, of course.

This looks like a fairly likely reason:

For some reason the package was forced to testing even though it was not 
available on all architectures.

If that is the reason, then it means that Gnome is currently not 
installable on all but 5 architectures. With powerpc probably the only one 
very many people will really care about (though that's a steadily 
declining number).

It's almost certain that both the relevant package maintainer and the 
release team are already aware of this and that it has been a conscious 
choice to accept the breakage. Whether or not it should block the release 
of D-I is up to others.

How did I get there (I needed the roundabout way because I don't have a 
powerpc box; it would have been trivial to check in aptitude)?

- http://edos.debian.net/edos-debcheck/
- choose squeeze -> in the most recent run, choose powerpc ->

And notice that gnome-accessibility (and a few others, but that seems the 
most likely cause) is listed, and check the reasons.

A new version of the package (1:2.28+3) has been built for all arches:
But looks to be blocked by other packages for now:

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