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Re: using d-i to install kfreebsd-i386 from usb

Luca Favatella dixit:

>Is there a way to use d-i to install kfreebsd-i386 from usb?

I don't see any technical reason why not. It probably depends
on the bootloader used.

MirBSD uses the manifold-boot method with MirBSD's loader.
Grml uses the manifold-boot method with GNU GRUB 2.

With these techniques, you can dd(1) an ISO 9660 filesystem
image onto a USB stick and have it bootable immediately.

I'm pretty sure that the FreeBSD kernel is capable of handling
such a situation. It's just an oversized floppy with a filesy-
stem supported, although unusual, after all.

Note that GNU GRUB-legacy isn't capable of handling it, for
SYSLINUX you need a FAT16 filesystem (so you'd have to have
separate images for ISO and USB stick, which doubles the need
to produce, test and distribute), and other loaders also are
or may be problematic. I wouldn't know about the FreeBSD loa-
der, but from what I read, GRUB2 is already up to booting a
Debian GNU/kFreeBSD by itself.

I'll gladly provide assistance if desired.

16:47⎜«mika:#grml» .oO(mira ist einfach gut....)      23:22⎜«mikap:#grml»
mirabilos: und dein bootloader ist geil :)    23:29⎜«mikap:#grml» und ich
finds saugeil dass ich ein bsd zum booten mit grml hab, das muss ich dann
gleich mal auf usb-stick installieren	-- Michael Prokop über MirOS bsd4grml

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