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[SRM] Update of clock-setup for D-I


I've just uploaded an update of clock-setup (0.97lenny1) with a workaround 
for a bug in rdate (see changelog for bug numbers).

On some systems, when the hardware clock is not set, the system will boot 
with a system date before the epoch (1-1-1970). In those cases rdate fails 
to update the system date/time to the time obtained from an NTP server.

A so hugely incorrect date causes the installation to fail later (because 
gpgv refuses to validate the signature of the Release file, which makes 
apt fail).

This update to clock setup detects when the system date is before the epoch 
and then sets it to the epoch. When rdate is run after that, it will 
successfully update to the correct current date/time and thus prevent the 
failure of the installation.

This issue has been reported for some arm NAS systems and for Apple 
powerbooks, so seems worth fixing for stable. The fix has been tested by 
Martin Michlmayr.

Please accept the new version.


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