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Re: Clues on partman hooks?

[Colin Watson]
> I wonder if this really ought to be a hook, or if partman-auto
> should just behave differently as standard? After all, in general if
> automation fails we stop and present a dialog. Adding a hook for
> this seems like overengineering; if the expert recipe fails, an
> error dialog seems appropriate in general.

Sure, but Debian Edu need a fix for this in Lenny, and I guess it is
unlikely to get a fix into Lenny any time soon.

> If you want to also prevent use of the standard recipes (since it
> does still seem natural for partman-auto to fall back to them), you
> could simply remove them; is this possible for you?

That might be an option for us.  What is the correct way to use to
remove them?  What need to be removed?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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