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[D-I] Important update needed to Debian Installer translations

Translators who keep up with D-I translations
(http://d-i.debian.org/l10n-stats/) will notice that new strings
appeared in the sublevel 1 of level 1 (core D-I translations).

These strings are *very important ones* as they are the titles of
dialogs displayed during the very first interactive step of D-I:
choice of language, country, locale (localechooser).

Frans Pop introduced a very interesting improvement that changes the
title of the dialogs: it now displays "Select language" when the
dialog is about the choice of language, "Select your location" when
the dialog is about a choice of country|territory and "Configure
locales" when the dialog is about refining the choice of locales (that
happens only in non default installs).

As a consequence, you will find 3 new fuzzy strings to update in
sublevel 1. Please do your best to update them ASAP: this is only a
few minutes work and very much worth it (take care to think deeply
before choosing the right words...and keep this consistent with the
similar strings in D-I.....this is particularly important with the
"Choose location" string).


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