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Bug#560348: xen: racy temporary files for kernel and initrd

On Thu, 2009-12-10 at 17:46 +0100, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> The current code in xm-debian.cfg uses Python-managed temporary files,
> which are unlinked too early (in parallel with the RPC call).  I can't
> recommend a good solution, and maybe it's already fixed in the current
> (version 3.4) tools.

I noticed this a little while ago and began investigating a solution
using the upstream data:// URI support (see xen-unstable
20117:4fc6ff1e1141) but then I upgraded to Xen 3.4 and the issue went

Can you please confirm what your host and guest Debian versions are as
well as which hypervisor+tools you see this with. AFAIR this worked on
Lenny (where I developed it) and now it works again on Sid (and so I
expect it will work again on Squeeze eventually if it doesn't already).


Ian Campbell

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