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Bug#556738: grub-pc: Displays "being upgraded" dialog during new installations from D-I

reopen 556738
reassign 556738 grub-pc 1.97~beta3-1

> > Apparently the test whether the package is being newly installed or
> > upgraded is broken.
> No, it is intentional.

I'm sorry, but I don't see how that can be correct.

Exactly the same thing happens if I install grub-pc for the first time on a 
completely clean system [1] without using grub-installer.
You are clearly only distinguishing one situation: grub-pc is already 
installed. And anything else is treated as an "upgrade".

Displaying a dialog saying "grub is being upgraded" when grub-pc is being 
first installed on a clean system really is a bug.
At the time the dialog is displayed, the /boot/grub directory is still 
completely empty.

The next question is whether the dialog should or should not be displayed 
on new, clean installs. IMO it should not be and actually installing grub 
should be left to the user running grub-install.
If you think it should be, then at the very least the text of the dialog 
needs to be fixed (and also the "command line" dialog: #559538).

[1] System created using D-I, but by selecting "no boot loader". After that 
I've chrooted into the target system and run 'apt-get install grub-pc'.

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