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Bug#560107: Please use swiss german keyboard as default when Liechtenstein as country is selected

reassign 560107 console-data 2:1.09-3
tags 560107 patch d-i

On Tuesday 08 December 2009, Josef Vogt wrote:
> When installing debian, when i choose Liechtenstein as country, the
> default keyboard layout is german but it should in fact be swiss german.

This can be changed in console-data. I think the patch below should be

This may possibly require a change in console-setup as well if/when D-I
switches to that for keymap selection.


--- console-data-1.09.orig/debian/udeb/console-keymaps-at
+++ console-data-1.09/debian/udeb/console-keymaps-at
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
 bg	bg	Bulgarian
 bs	croat	Bosnian
 cs:cs_CZ	cz-lat2	Czech
-de_CH	sg-latin1	Swiss German
+de_CH:de_LI	sg-latin1	Swiss German
 de:de_DE:en_DE	de-latin1-nodeadkeys	German (Latin1; no dead keys)
 da	dk-latin1	Danish
 en:en_CA:en_US:en_AU:zh:eo:ko:us:nl:nl_NL:ar:fa:hi:id:mg:ml:gu:pa:kn:dz:ne:sq:tl:vi:xh	us	American
--- console-data-1.09.orig/debian/udeb/console-keymaps-usb
+++ console-data-1.09/debian/udeb/console-keymaps-usb
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 fr_BE:nl_BE	mac-usb-be	Belgian
 de	mac-usb-de-latin1	German (Latin-1)
-de_CH	mac-usb-de_CH	Swiss German
+de_CH:de_LI	mac-usb-de_CH	Swiss German
 de:de_DE	mac-usb-de-latin1-nodeadkeys	German (Latin1; no dead keys)
 da	mac-usb-dk-latin1	Danish (Latin1)
 en:en_US:en_AU:zh:eo:ko:nl:nl_NL:xh	mac-usb-us	American

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