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Re: Status of Debian Installer for Alpha 1

On Monday 07 December 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> > So what's the status of alpha1?
> FYI, booting the installer is very ugly ATM due to #559564. Several
> screens of udev warnings scroll by before the first installer screen is
> displayed.
> One possible option could be to not include brltty-udeb for the alpha
> release. Another option could be to just accept and ignore the issue,
> but it is likely to generate a few bug reports.

Another option would be to ensure the release is built with the version of 
udev currently in testing, but that would require requesting a block on 
udev (which I'm not sure the release team would agree to).

udev could migrate any day (looks to be blocked by dependencies), so quick 
action would be needed.

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