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Bug#559795: debian-installer: The purpose of choosing a country is unclear


> On Monday 07 December 2009, Florian Zumbiehl wrote:
> > After having selected a language for the installer, the installer asks
> > for "a country", but doesn't say anything about the effects this choice
> > has.
> This has recently been improved in the version of the installer for 

IC - as pdo didn't show any newer versions for debian-installer than
the lenny one, I supposed that no changes had happened ...

> Squeeze. Would you care to try a daily built image [1] and comment on the 
> new version?

While I'm at it ... ;-)

Yeah, it contains a bit more explanation, but it's still somewhat
illogical, and IMO limits options for no good reason.

On the one hand, the non-localization case is a bit illogical
when it tells you that the country will be used for determining
your locale(!?!). Also this is explained only after you have
selected a "region", the purpose of which seems mysterious at

On the other hand, your choice of country limits your choice of
time zones. It seems sensible to me to use that information as
a default, as it usually will coincide, but IMO it should be
possible to override it, so that you can select a de_AT locale
with UTC+5, or whatever applies to you. Those are not logically
pointless choices, as time zone configuration tends to depend
on the place where you are living while the locale tends to
depend on the user's cultural background.


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