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Lowering down my involvment in D-I

I has been obvious for the past two months and even more for about the
last twelve months: I can't really dedicate the time I would need to
dedicate, to D-I work.

Indeed, the time I put in Debian in general is somehow limited and
most of it is not really predictable, as it is constrained by my paid
work time, which is becoming more and more demanding.

That does not allow me to work on D-I in a reliable way, even as the
"animator" I tried to be during last year, in an attempt to help
Otavio to keep up with release work.

So, in order to avoid people counting on me while I can't really be
reliable enough, I prefer stepping out from responsibilities in D-I
development (such as meeting animations, release notes and errata
writing, etc.).

I *will* continue coordinating the localization of D-I components but
that will be pretty much my only involvment. I will also continue
reading debian-boot as carefully as I can, and try helping out if
possible. But, except for D-I l10n coordination, please do not count
on me.

I am perfectly aware that this probably doesn't help in a moment were
the D-I team is facing organizational challenges....but having people
to believe that I have a bigger part than the one I really can have is
also not helping.

I sincerely hope that, at some time, new energies will show up in D-I
development. We desperately need it.


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