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Re: [RFC] Patch to disable GTK in installer images

On Saturday 05 December 2009, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Here goes the patch for last review before I commit it.

> +++ b/installer/build/config/i386/cdrom/isolinux.cfg
> @@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ MANIFEST-DEBIAN_CD_INFO = "isolinux config files for
> CD" TYPE = cdrom/isolinux
>  # Add the gtk images on to the isolinux info.
> -INITRD_GTK = dest/cdrom/gtk/initrd.gz
> +#INITRD_GTK = dest/cdrom/gtk/initrd.gz
> -EXTRATARGETS = build_cdrom_gtk
> +EXTRATARGETS = build_cdrom
> +#EXTRATARGETS = build_cdrom_gtk

This is wrong: you're already building the cdrom target (and AFAIK 
build_cdrom isn't even a valid target). The EXTRATARGETS line for gtk just 
needs to be commented out.

Also, I now see a similar change for amd64/cdrom/isolinux.cfg is missing.

I'll try to test the patch later.

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