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Bug#559559: can't select "no localization"

clone 559559 -1
reassign -1 localechooser 2.18
severity -1 important

On Saturday 05 December 2009, Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> 1)
> If I try to select "no localization", continent-->Europe,
> country-->Germany, then I end up in an endless menu loop. If I use
> "America, USA" instaed, then I can select between en_US and C in the
> following menu (as expected).

This is a bad bug in the current version of localechooser. I'll fix it 

> 2)
> Due to wrong localization settings I am not allowed to select "CET" (or
> "Europe/Berlin") in tzdata setup, either. I just get a restricted list
> of time zones to choose from (valid only in the US, as it seems).

This is a consequence of the first issue, not a separate issue. You should 
be able to select Germany and that would automatically result in the 
correct timezone.

> 3)
> Aptitude shows that most packages were explicitly selected for install.
> d-i should make use of package dependencies instead, esp. for the lib*
> packages.

This is a consequence of how debootstrap works and not an installer issue.
I'm not sure that it can be fixed in debootstrap as one of the core 
attributes of debootstrap is that it sets up a base system *without* the 
use of package management tools.

> libunwind7-dev was installed by default. I would guess this is obsolete
> for a base system.

The problem seems to be that the package has Priority: standard and thus 
gets installed automatically. Please file a separate bug report against 
libunwind7-dev as this is not a D-I issue.

> 4)
> I would prefer if grub doesn't include os-prober by default.

This is a decision by the grub maintainers that is out of the hands of D-I 
developers. Please discuss it with them (or on debian-devel).


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