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Re: [RFC] Patch to disable GTK in installer images

On Saturday 05 December 2009, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Hello folks,
> It took much longer then I expected but I finally had time to look at
> it. Please look at the attached patch and see if you can spot any
> problem with.

There are still at least two problems.

> +++ b/installer/build/config/i386/cdrom-xen.cfg
> @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
> -TYPE=cdrom/gtk
> -include config/i386/cdrom/gtk.cfg
> +TYPE=cdrom/isolinux
> +include config/i386/cdrom.cfg

Last line should probably be:
+include config/i386/cdrom/isolinux.cfg

And i386 should FTBFS because i386/cdrom/isolinux.cfg still has a line
   EXTRATARGETS = build_cdrom_gtk
and that target no longer exists.

> I tested it in amd64 only. If someone can test it in another arches
> (i386 and powerpc) it would be nice.

You could easily test i386 yourself. Setting up a sid/i386 chroot in which 
you can build D-I on your amd64 machine is trivial.

In an earlier mail you wrote:
> I removed then since it will be a patch added for a very small perid
> of time and then a revert will be done. In fact I'll keep it reverted
> here to push after we believe installer for A1 is done.

But the changelog says:
+  * Disable GTK+ based images due #557387. This ought to be reverted
+    once GTK+ DFB backend is fixed.

There is a significant chance that fixing the backend will take more than 
a "very small period", so I still feel that disabling (commenting) things 
would be a lot better than removing them.

Besides that you're being inconsistent as you do have:
> +++ b/installer/build/config/i386/cdrom.cfg
> @@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
>  # el-torito is too large at the moment, so is disabled.
> -FLAVOUR_SUPPORTED = isolinux gtk #el-torito
> +FLAVOUR_SUPPORTED = isolinux #gtk #el-torito


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