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Status of Debian Installer for Alpha 1

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First of all I'd like to apologise since I intended to do this mail
before but a lot of things made it to be delayed. The reasons behind the
delay goes from technical issues up to personal commitments at work.

This is more or less what we've talked at the meeting today. Few people
was around but it was a very productive meeting anyway.

Current state
Currently installer itself is more or less in a good shape however we
have two bugs that are blockers for this release. They are:

 #557387 - Graphical installer is brokeness (cjwatson and/or lunar)
 #556635 - udev: blanks inserted RW media (fixed in GIT already)

About the graphical installer, I contacted Jeremy (lunar) and asked for
help with it. He can't look at it before began of December so any help
regarting it is welcome. In meanwhile Colin (cjwatson) is going to try
to look at it.

Possible route
Since we have a window until the graphical installer and udev issues are
solved I'm thinking about we move to 2.6.31 in d-i. I see following pros
in doing it:

 - Squeeze looks to target 2.6.33 or 2.6.34 as kernel and 2.6.31 is our
   current kernel so we'd be near of the target one in the release;

 - We use this period of time until g-i is working again to stabilize
   the kernel and other stuff;

 - We help kernel team to get more test on 2.6.31 and this help us to
   reduce distance from kernel team when possible;

The plan is to start working locally in the transition and if udev
and/or gtk+ is not ready when kernel is done then we start moving to new
kernel otherwise we go with 2.6.30 as is now.

The timeline I have in mind would be:

 27 Nov 2009: have udebs of kernel uploaded
 30 Nov 2009: meeting and review current status
 04 Dec 2009: have g-i working again (if possible)
 07 Dec 2009: meeting and review current status

 (the remaining assume g-i is working again at 07 Dec 2009)

 11 Dec 2009: debian-installer is uploaded
 15 Dec 2009: daily images are changed to use squeeze installer
 17 Dec 2009: image test starts
 21 Dec 2009: release


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