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Bug#557322: --exclude='ing essential packages

retitle 557322 Improve manpage to explain that --exclude doesn't
affects dependency resolution

On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 9:43 AM, Ivan Shmakov <ivan@main.uusia.org> wrote:
> --cut--
>       --exclude=alpha,beta
>              Comma separated list of packages  which  will  be  removed  from
>              download  and extract lists.  WARNING: you can and probably will
>              exclude essential packages, be careful using this option.
> --cut--
>        However, it seems that it doesn't allow, say, initscripts &
>        co. to be excluded:

To you exclude a package you also need to exclude all one that depends
on it otherwise it will be added back into the installation list by
the dependency resolution code.

I'm changing the title of  the bug to improve this part of the manpage
since it ought to be cited there to avoid confusion.

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