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Bug#546983: console-setup-mini: fails to set the keyboard layout (and falls back to "us" layout)


I really appreciate you efforts to report everything relevant in the bug 
tracking system.

On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 01:03:37AM +0100, Francesco Poli wrote:
> I got the following error:
>   /var/lib/dpkg/info/console-setup.postinst: line 115: /etc/console-setup/cached.kmap.gz: No such file or directory

This means the directory /etc/console-setup didn't exist.  As it is part 
of the package console-setup-mini I suppose this was caused by previous 

>   # setupcon
>   /bin/setupcon: line 367: /etc/console-setup/cached.kmap.gz: No such file or directory

The same reason.

> Fonts do *not* show "toilet -f future" symbols correctly, the layout is
> still US (why?), and some keys (e.g.: Shift+6) do not produce the
> corresponding (US layout) character until other keys are pressed
> (I had never seen such a behavior before).

Because of the missing /etc/console-setup the file 
/etc/default/console-setup was not configured properly and the result is 
the us(intl) layout where Shift+6 is a dead-key (dead_circumflex).

> OK, let's restart from scratch.
>   # dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
> Why us,dvorak ?  I have never asked for a dvorak layout !!

Againd, this was caused by the missing /etc/console-setup.

>   /var/lib/dpkg/info/console-setup.postinst: line 115: /etc/console-setup/cached.kmap.gz: No such file or directory
>   # setupcon
>   /bin/setupcon: line 367: /etc/console-setup/cached.kmap.gz: No such file or directory


> During the tests I also got the following kernel errors:
> [21794.596239] circuit:12185 conflicting memory types 90000000-95000000 uncached-minus<->write-combining
> [21794.596425] reserve_memtype failed 0x90000000-0x95000000, track uncached-minus, req uncached-minus
> I don't know if those are related, but I had never seen them before...

I don't know what these are, but they are not related to console-setup.

> For the record, the generated /etc/default/console-setup is as follows
> and it does not seem to comply with my debconf answers:

The postinst of console-setup(-mini) starts with 'set -e'.  This caused 
the error caused by the missing /etc/console-setup to be fatal so the 
script never had the chance to put your settings inside the 
configuration file.

On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 12:29:13PM +0100, Francesco Poli wrote:
> Let's *really* restart from scratch:
>   # aptitude -t unstable install console-setup console-setup-mini-

Almost from scratch - the configuration files of console-setup-mini are 
still there and they are shared by console-setup:

> However, this left configuration files for console-setup-mini around:
>   # dpkg -l | grep ^rc | cut -c 1-60
>   rc  console-setup-mini                           1.45    
>   # ls /etc/console-setup/
>   cached.kmap.gz                compose.ISO-8859-11.inc  compose.ISO-8859-6.inc
>   compose.ARMSCII-8.inc         compose.ISO-8859-13.inc  compose.ISO-8859-7.inc
>   compose.CP1251.inc            compose.ISO-8859-14.inc  compose.ISO-8859-8.inc
>   compose.CP1255.inc            compose.ISO-8859-15.inc  compose.ISO-8859-9.inc
>   compose.CP1256.inc            compose.ISO-8859-16.inc  compose.KOI8-R.inc
>   compose.GEORGIAN-ACADEMY.inc  compose.ISO-8859-1.inc   compose.KOI8-U.inc
>   compose.GEORGIAN-PS.inc       compose.ISO-8859-2.inc   compose.TIS-620.inc
>   compose.IBM1133.inc           compose.ISO-8859-3.inc   compose.VISCII.inc
>   compose.ISIRI-3342.inc        compose.ISO-8859-4.inc   remap.inc
>   compose.ISO-8859-10.inc       compose.ISO-8859-5.inc

Before version 1.46 console-setup and console-setup-mini shared common 
configuration files.  

> I think there's a problem though: if I purge console-setup-mini, I lose
> the /etc/console-setup/ directory!!

You are right!  Hopefuly with the new version of console-setup (1.47) 
there are no shared configuration files so there will be no problems of 
this sort any more.

> Do you want me to file a separate bug report for this problem?

I believe it is fixed in 1.47.  If you find a problem in version 1.47 or 
following, do not hesitate to report it.

> BTW, I think the reference to Goha and GohaClassic in the conffile
> comments is obsolete, as no such fonts seem to exist now.

They exist but they are visible only if you use Ethiopian character set.

> I added the following line to /etc/default/console-setup
>   FONT="lat1u-16.psf.gz"
> and set the following variables to empty strings:

I suppose it wasn't necessary to put empty strings here.

> After issuing
>   # setupcon
>   # invoke-rc.d hal restart
>   Restarting Hardware abstraction layer: hald.
> I finally get the fonts I wanted to get and an Italian layout (both
> on the console and in X).

I don't know why the fonts in console-setup didn't work for you (as I 
don't use toilet) but I am glad that with lat1u-16 finaly everything is 
ok. :)

Anton Zinoviev

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