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Re: [RFC] choose-mirror rewrite - please review/test

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> > > I mistakenly tested with 'priority=medium suite?=oldstable'....which
> > > ended up with an error in choose-mirror.
> What was the exact error?
> > I cannot reproduce the error with my current version, which has a few
> > (minor) changes against the version I posted.
> I cannot reproduce with the posted version either.


language: French, then defaults
keymap: fr-latin9
detect network HW
Configure network: DHCP=yes, machine=debian, domain=<mydomain>
- protocol: http
- country:; France
- mirror: ftp.fr.debian.org
- proxy: empty

Then I get "Miroir de l'archive corrompu", aka "Bad archive mirror"

I choose "continue"

Try with ftp2.fr.debian.org....and same error

Then "Enter manually" and "archive.debian.org", "/debian/"....and no
proxy --> again Bad archive mirror


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