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Re: [RFC] choose-mirror rewrite - please review/test

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> * display of both codename and (translated) suite during release selection:
>   http://people.debian.org/~fjp/tmp/d-i/choose-mirror/choose-mirror.png

You now use Spanish for testing? :-)

> I'm very happy with the result myself and intend to backport these changes 
> for Lenny because of the better support for oldstable and archived 
> releases. This should be possible without any template changes.
> Possibly they should even be backported for Etch.

I think that most users would welcome this, yes

> I would also very much appreciate if someone could carefully review the 
> attached patch [2] as my C foo is extremely limited. Things to check are:
> - memory allocation freeing of variables
> - string manipulation
> - things that can be done smarter

This, I obviously can't.

> Please also review the template changes.

They're fine by me.

> Question: is a rewrite of the mirror/suite template needed, because of
> - oldstable not mentioned

If that doesn't make the template too long (and confusing), it could
be nice.

> - dialog now normally lists both codenames and suites, and can sometimes
>   list *only* codenames

When possible, mentioning suites along codenames is good because from
one type of user to another, people probably use both terms. At first
approximation, I'd say that users who install testing and unstable
probably use the suite name and those who install stable and oldstable
use codenames.

> - not sure about the term "flavors"...

I think it is not that bad. Choosing the right term for talk about
stable/testing/unstable has always been tricky. "flavors" does fit the
idea quite well.....and I indeed have trouble finding the right
counterpart in French..:-)

> Suggestions for testing. Tests can be abandoned after mirror selection.
> 1) - boot with 'priority=medium'
>    - install as normal; note release selection dialog
> 2) - boot with 'priority=medium suite?=lenny' (!!! note the "?=")
>    - install as normal; note oldstable is now listed
> 3) - boot with 'priority=medium suite?=sarge' (!!! note the "?=")
>    - select a normal mirror
>    - note the warning that sarge is not available; answer "yes"
>      (if you answer "no", stable/testing/unstable will be listed)
>    - select manual mirror entry and enter 'archive.debian.org'
>    - note that sarge is now correctly listed sarge (codename only)

I'll do my best to test things properly but my available time is most
often...when I'm not online but commuting in a bus or train...which
makes the use of an archive mirror quite more complicated..:-)

Expect some feedback during next week-end, hopefully.

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