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Re: [RFC] localechooser: template changes

On Monday 02 November 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> The existing templates for the four main questions in localechooser all
> have problems: they cause Lintian warnings and don't really help the
> user with what he's doing.
> Below a proposed patch to improve them. The patch also includes the
> changes needed because of #552560 ("locale selection incomplete").

Here's a new overview of the proposed changes.

One problem with the discussion so far has been that it's very hard to
reach consensus if only two people participate, so please have a look
and comment! These are some of our most essential dialogs.


Language selection
   Please choose the language used for the installation process. This
   language will be the default language for the final system.

   Choose a language:
   Choose the language to be used for the installation process. The selected
   language will also be the default language for the installed system.


Country selection
OLD (shortlists)
   Based on your language, you are probably located in one of these
   countries or regions.

   Choose a country, territory or area:

OLD (continent dialog)
   The continent or region in which the desired country is located.

   Choose a continent or region:

OLD (per-continent lists)
   Choose a country, territory or area:
NEW (same for shortlists and per-continent lists)
   The country selected here will be used for example to select a default
   locale and time zone. Normally this should be the country where you live.

   Choose "other" if your country is not listed. *)

   Country, territory or area:

NEW (continent dialog)
   Select the continent or region in which your country is located.

   Continent or region:

*) Should we for shortlists maybe change this line to:
   This is a shortlist based on the language you selected. Choose "other"
   if your country is not listed.

Locale selection
Note: the order of the questions has changed because of #552560.

OLD (default locale)
   Based on your language and country choices, the following locale
   parameters are supported.

   Choose a locale:

OLD (extra locales)
   You may choose additional locales to be installed from this list.

   Choose other locales to be supported:
NEW (extra locales; has help)
   Based on the selected language and country, the default locale selected
   for the installed system is '${LOCALE}'.

   If you wish to use a different default or to also have other locales
   available, you may choose additional locales to be installed. If you are
   unsure it is best to just use the selected default.

   Additional locales:

NEW (default locale; has help) *)
   Select the default locale for the installed system.

   System locale:

NEW (locale help dialog)
   A locale determines character encoding and contains information on for
   example currency, date format and alphabetical sort order.

*) Only displayed if additional locales were selected.

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