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Re: howto interact with HW-detection of installer


> debootstrap can be tuned. To see how, read the bootstrap-base.postinst
> script and find the function install_base_system(). There you can see
> exactly how D-I calls debootstrap.

Hm, I did not find a script with such name or similar name.

I checked out debian-cd from svn, extracted iso of first full cd and I fetched 
the source from debian-installer (via apt-get source). I also downloaded the 
source of debootstrap.

Which package did I miss to install? - or to which package does the cited 
script belong to?

> But you probably need to start by spending some more time understanding the
> installer and reading existing scripts. Each installation step starts by
> executing a postinst script in /var/lib/dpkg/info. 

Hm, I found the *.postinst scripts in my active desktop system, but not in any 
of the source parts. I guess, I stil miss parts of the puzzle.

> Did you already read the preseeding appendix in the installation guide?
> That has quite a lot of information on customization.

But I just discovered docs about debian blend system - and I think, that's 
what I was looking for.

kind regards


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