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Bug#316006: localechooser: Should be enabled for s390

tag 316006 pending

This was indirectly implemented for Lenny (or maybe even earlier): tzsetup 
depends on localechooser, so users get asked to select a country before 
that point.

However, I think it's time to just include localechooser in the s390 
initrds so that the selected country can also be used as a default for 

However, it would be best to run localechooser *after* network-console, so 
that users can select the country using the newt frontend (after 
connecting over ssh) instead of the text frontend. This means that for 
s390 the menu item number needs to be set to 2110 instead of 1000.

I've prepared changes for both localechooser and d-i itself to implement 

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