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Re: Lintian based autorejects

On 11916 March 1977, Frans Pop wrote:

> Looks like it's named "nowayout".

Thats just because I didnt copy the very latest version of it over to
ries. Done now.

>> overridden. Those are tags corresponding to packaging errors serious
>> enough to mark a package unfit for the archive and should never happen.
> Please move "no-standards-version-field" to "wayout".

> Because udebs don't follow loads of policy requirements (which is allowed 
> because of their nature), and because that makes blindly updating the 
> standards version with policy updates a rather meaningless job, the D-I 
> team has removed the standards version fields from most source packages 
> that produce only udebs; they include a lintian override for that.

> So having that tag in nowayout would mean that uploads of udebs will start 
> failing massively.

Frank, as our lintian interface :), said that lintian should detect it
runs on/with udebs and then disable checks that make no sense for udebs.
So if lintian warns for such packages as udebs about things udebs dont
actually have to follow, that should probably adapted there, though we
can easily move tags if its not possible to detect in lintian.

Now, in this case there is no need to move it, as looking at
http://lintian.debian.org/tags/no-standards-version-field.html shows
that we do not see any of the D-I packages, so I assume lintian is
detecting it properly nd we do not need to move it.

Should an upload fail because of this and/or lintian behaving funnily we
can still look at it then, but I assume it wont.

bye, Joerg
You're in good shape for being a Debian, with a SAP background
... anything has to look good from there...

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