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Re: PowerPC daily install CDs? [Was: Re: Netinst for testing?]

On Monday 26 October 2009, Ian Campbell wrote:
> I tried downgrading binutils, as you suggested in your next mail, to
> from testing and still saw no issues.

Hmmm. Another option is that it's due to a libc version skew.

During a build libc6 is copied from the host system (because we need the 
corresponding -pic), while libnss-* is unpacked from udebs.
So it could be that the buildds have a version of libc which really doesn't 
provide the symbol.

/me tests this theory by firing up his armel box, which promptly reproduces 
the error

After updating the system the problem disappears. So, that confirms the 
reason is outdated buildd environments after an API change in libc (2.9 -> 
2.10). The first 2.10 upload was 18 Okt, so the problem should be only 
about a week old.


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