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Re: Possible typo in Debian Installation Guide (C.1 section)

On Monday 19 October 2009, Maximiliano Curia wrote:
> El 19/10/2009 a las 13:57 escribiste:
> > Hi, in lenny installation guide C.1 [1] we can read :
> >
> > " By putting swap on a separate partition, Linux can make much more
> > efficient use of it. It is possible to force Linux to use a regular
> > file as swap, but it is not recommended. "
> >
> > But it is like not true anymore [2] (in some circunstances at least).
> > Maybe this text could be change in the future squeeze installation
> > guide?
> You'll still need a swap partition for hibernation. Anyway, I think it's
> better not to overwhelm the user with information.

I tend to agree. AFAIK the statement is still valid in general. At least, 
I've never seen anyone recommending to use swap files over swap partitions 
(although I'll immediately admit that I've never really looked for such 

Without additional information I see no reason to change the current text. 
In what circumstances would it be better to use a swap file over a swap 
partition and why?

I also think the title of this mail is rather misleading: we're not talking 
about a "typo" here, but about a request for a significant change in 


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