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Some annoiences about the installer software

  I used etch boot floppies. Some of these little bugs are probably only 
limited to floppies installation.

1) When the root image prints the suggestion to continue, possibly to 
   install drivers from floppy, it should explicitly note to insert the 
   floppy before continuing (in case of further installing drivers from a 
2) After scanning the net2 floppy and printing a continuation message, the
   installer activate the floppy device for a short while (does it umount
   it)? A user that doesn't expect that short activation might pull the 
   floppy prior to it. This might result in demaging the contents of the 
   floppy. This demage is annoying when another attempt to use that floppy 
   is done.
3) In order to activate the scroll arrows for the help on partitioning I 
   had to try to scroll up, even though I actually wanted to scroll down.
   Pressing the Up arrows is what made the whole scrolling mechanism 

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