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Providing a modified d-i floppies method for lenny

  Am I right that one of the reasons for dropping d-i floppies method 
from lenny is the size of the required boot floopy?
  I think that the floppies installation method is still desirable.
Perhaps it would be good practice to keep the etch infrastructure for 
producing d-i floppies, even though the files for lenny's boot floppy won't
fit a single floopy.  A warning about this fact should be placed in the 
servers directory.  What I have in mind is:
1) People who need it will be able to replace some of the files in the 
   boot floppy, perhaps the kernel or initrd, with smaller files that 
   suffice for their installation requirment.  Instructions how to do it 
   might be advertized too.
2) Maybe someone will come up with a good method to split the boot floppy
   into 2 floppies.
3) Keeping the boot floppy might further force the d-i software to be 
   split into smaller, functional, units; which seem to me a good 
   software engeeniring procedure.
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