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Re: Ban of Uwe Bugla from debian mailinglists


On Montag, 24. August 2009, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> Unfortunately I have to announce that we have banned Uwe Bugla from our
> mailinglists. In the last days he showed an attitude on our lists that is
> not acceptable in any way ([1-4] and more). We already gave him a warning,
> but this didn't helped.
> We really don't have anything against a good argument, but such attitude is
> neither wanted nor accepted on our lists (see netiquette [5] and our Code
> of Conduct [6]).
> This ban will initially last for two weeks. After that period it will be
> lifted, but if such events happen again we will reimpose it permanently.

Thank you.

And keep up the good, and mostly invisible work,

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