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Bug#542840: Win32 installer only looks for ISO in CD/DVD drive

reassign 542840 debian-installer

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 07:26:18PM +0100, Chris Carr wrote:
> 4. Reboot into Windows, download the hd-media installer and unpack it
> somewhere.  
> [...]
> Would it be possible to configure the Win32 installer to use the same
> behaviour as the hd-media installer?

The win32 installer doesn't implement this behaviour.  It merely setups
the system to boot the D-I that came with the CD.

If the D-I that came with the CD is a CD installer, it will behave like a
CD installer.  If it's an hd-media installer, it'll behave like an hd-media
installer, etc.

If it's useful to D-I, it could preseed a debconf parameter to let D-I know
it's being run by win32-loader, but what you want can't be done by win32-loader

Robert Millan

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