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Re: Installer components are in freeze

Quoting Otavio Salvador (otavio@ossystems.com.br):
> Hello,
> On Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 5:51 AM, Bernhard<bewoern@online.de> wrote:
> > only a question:
> > Some installer components are in freeze.
> > Example: user-setup-udeb or netcfg.
> >
> > Is this OK?
> Yes, it is.
> > If yes, why?
> Currently the scripts responsable for the packages migration are not
> yet ready to handle udebs automatically. The udeb packages differs
> from regular packages and cannot be handled in same way.

Please also note that components such as user-setup-udeb, which are
generated from source packages that only have udebs (in short "core"
D-I packages), contrary to udeb provided by "regular" packages....need
to be manually approved by the D-I release manager in order to avoid
breaking D-I too much, particularly when at least one version of D-I
has been released in a given release cycle (which is still not the
case for squeeze as of now).

Automated migration to testing for udeb-only packages could be OK only
when there is no released D-I yet.

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