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Re: Bug#381351: initramfs-tools: This also happens when SCSI is not settled yet, patch included which works around the problem.

md@Linux.IT (Marco d'Itri) writes:

> I am ready to apply this change but I am unsure about a detail: is
> there any reason to run udevadm settle a second time before
> scsi_wait_scan is loaded?

You told me it was racy to check for /sys/bus/scsi otherwise, see
http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2009/06/msg00105.html for the
final patch.  Of course you are welcome to drop the debugging output
and organize the stuff into an && list.

> udevadm trigger
> #udevadm settle || true
> if [ -d /sys/bus/scsi ]; then
>         modprobe -q scsi_wait_scan && modprobe -r scsi_wait_scan
> fi
> udevadm settle || true
> Does d-i need this too?

D-i itself does not particularly need it, because it usually takes long
enough to reach the partman step.  In theory, maybe it's possible for
a preseeded install on a very slow-scanning bus to win the race, and
then I don't know offhand if any steps are taken to wait for the
devices before partitioning (but I doubt it).

Maybe debian-boot has something to add.

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