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Bug#541831: installation-reports: Sunfire T2000 success (one minor issue)

reassign 541831 finish-install 2.22

On Sunday 16 August 2009, Stephen Gran wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> The only complaint from the install is that after the install was
> completed and the machine rebooted, there was no getty listening on
> ttyS0.

Was the installation itself done over ttyS0? If it was, it surprises me a 
lot that there was no inittab entry for it.

It sounds like the "rsc console" is something different, which could 
explain what you saw. Maybe we need special handling for this case.

- What were the contents of /etc/inittab after the installation? Were
  the entries for tty[1-6] commented out or not?
- Can you reboot the installer, activate a debug shell and give the output
  - console-type
  - readlink /proc/self/fd/0
  - # 'pidof debian-installer' does not work in lenny, so we need:
    ps | grep "[/]sbin/debian-installer"
    readlink /proc/<pid from command above>/fd/0
- If the first is not "serial" and/or the last is not /dev/ttyS0, then
  how could the need to set up serial console be detected?
- Does the installer work correctly and does a listener for serial console
  get set up for the installed system if you boot D-I with console=ttyS0?

If changes are needed, that would probably be in the script
/usr/lib/finish-install.d/90console (from finish-install).


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