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Re: Bug#509178: installation-reports: sparc fails to boot 2.6.26: Memory Address not Aligned

First of all, you are replying to a thread concerning an ancient and 
already closed bug report. This is very confusing (as nobody will have 
the old mails anymore, so we're missing the context) and does not help in 
getting responses.

Please file a _new_ installation report yourself, including correct info 
about your hardware and exactly which installation images you are using.

Filing and following up to an installation report in the BTS also means 
that the context of consecutive mails remains preserved.

Finally, please do not use top posting [1]!

[1] http://idallen.com/topposting.html

On Thursday 13 August 2009, Fer R wrote:
> I saw that I am not the unique human trying install Debian on this
> SPARC machines. After a battle with them, my friends, I can tell you:
> the netinst distros haven't all the necessary files, drivers and
> scripts for a proper installation. You MUST download the complete ISO
> (at least the first disc).

This is *extremely* unlikely. The way netinst and full CD images are 
created means that they are identical where it comes to the basic 
installation functionality.

Please describe in detail where and how a netinst install fails and send 
us the syslog from both types of installation (gzipped!). Include those 
in your installation report so we can compare them.

> The bad thing here.. is ... although I made all the things according to
> all Sun manuals to do a boot from Harddisk after installation, I
> couldn't achieve. If my Sun Server reboots, I have to connect to it
> through console and write boot disk, or boot disk0 or whatever of the
> alias I configured.. but none of them works =(

You may want to ask for help with this on the debian-sparc list. On my 
Ultra10 it just works. It sounds like an error in the openprom config.


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