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Bug#399840: Do we want an ssh-server task?

Philip Hands wrote:
On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 09:57:06AM -0700, Rick Jones wrote:

In my case, 99 times out of ten it is a case of "Sit at the console and do the install, when it completes walk back to my desk in another building, try to login and realize 'Damn, I didn't get an ssh server installed' and go back to do so." Good for exercise, not so good for frustration level. Were I dealing exclusively with Debian installs, perhaps my creaky wetware would become conditioned to "the install isn't complete until you apt-get install openssh-server" but I deal with three other distros and at least two other operating systems where this isn't an issue.

Out of interest, how do those other OSs mitigate the possibility of a
clueless admin choosing "password" as the root password, and so getting
their box rooted within moments of it going on the net?

I do not know. While I am clueless enough to forget to install the ssh server, I am not *that* clueless, so I don't know what the RHEL, SLES, Ubuntu, HP-UX or Solaris installers do in the face of such a clueless password.

And the question seems to presume that said clueless administrator would have an epiphany between the time he did the initial install and when he had to install the ssh server. Otherwise, I am not sure I see a difference in the two cases.

rick jones

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