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Bug#541193: amd64 / testing daily build installer/kernel hangs after "exec busybox init"

reassign 541193 busybox
forcemerge 541115 541193

On Wednesday 12 August 2009, Joaquín Martínez wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> After the "exec busybox init" step (with BOOT_DEBUG=3)
> the machine hangs.
> Manually executing command from /sbin/init in last busybox debug
> point before exec busybox init:
> cp -a command -> read error: No such device or address, Inuput/output
> error, Invalid argument
> -> can't open 'sys/devices/pci....' Permission denied.
> pivot_root . initrd -> pivot_root: Invalid Argument
> mount /sys -> Device or resource buty
> /lib/debian-installer/start-udev -> "seems udevd i already running"

Sounds the same as a bug I filed earlier this morning  (#541115). Caused 
almost certainly by new version of busybox.

Thanks for the additional information.


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