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Bug#541112: kde cd does not install kde, nor a working graphical environment.

Package: installation-reports
Severity: serious


I've used the 5.0.2 KDE i386 install image

Everything installed without a problem.  As far as I know,
everything was done using the default options, except for things
like the keyboard layout, location, login name, and maybe
something else like that.  It asked if I wanted to use a remote
apt repository and I configured one of the mirrors.

After a reboot, kdm started and asked for a login/pass.  I could
log in, but the only thing I got was a background.  Nothing else
was running.

Back at the login screen I saw that only 3 sessions types were
known, twm, failsafe and something else I can't remember.  But
kde clearly wasn't part of it.

So I switch to a console and started tasksel, which had the
options for a graphical desktop enviroment, print server and
mail server selected.  It didn't install anything new.

So I manually installed kde with "apt-get install kde".  kde-core
wasn't installed either.  I think this installed like about 200
new packages.

I think at some point the keyboard selection for X changed
from the belgian layout (azerty) to the US layout (qwerty).
Atleast in the console it still works like it should.  I
think the first time trying to login in kdm it was correct,
but it might also have been a habbit of typing it with the
other layout at that point.  In any case, it's not set up


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