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Bug#446416: Bug does no longer exist, imho

tags 446416 unreproducible

Hi Dann,

Apparently, this old bug you reported back in 2007 hasa been ignored
and no further investigation happened.

I just tried to reprocude it, exactly the way you mentioned:

root@mykerinos:/etc/whereami# cat >/usr/share/tasksel/dannf.desc
Task: dannf
Section: user
Description: dannf 
 long description
Relevance: 10
Packages: list

Note the same trailing whitespace in synopsis.

Then I launched "taslsel --test" and did choose the "dannf" task.

root@mykerinos:/etc/whereami# tasksel --test
debconf-apt-progress -- aptitude -q -y install hello

So, it seems that things are OK as of now...


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