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[d-i on kfreebsd] quick status report


The kfreebsd debian-installer port did a lot of progress.
Among basic features it only misses grub-installer.

To let you test current status (svn r60004), I prepared
* monolithic image [1]
* netboot image [2]
* debs needed in the build environment [3]
* udebs needed in localeudebs
 + kernel related [4]
 + others [5]
(each linked "ls" file is the list of files in the same directory)

(In the future I'll remove these files)

To test the images in QEMU
$ qemu-img create vhd.img 1G
$ qemu -boot d -cdrom mini.iso vhd.img

Luca Favatella

[1] http://slackydeb.altervista.org/files/debian_gnu_kfreebsd/tmp/20090806/2230_r60004/monolithic/ls
[2] http://slackydeb.altervista.org/files/debian_gnu_kfreebsd/tmp/20090806/2230_r60004/netboot/ls

[3] http://slackydeb.altervista.org/files/debian_gnu_kfreebsd/tmp/20090806/2230_r60004/debs/ls
[4] http://slackydeb.altervista.org/files/debian_gnu_kfreebsd/tmp/20090806/2230_r60004/udebs/kfreebsd-kernel-di-i386/ls
[5] http://slackydeb.altervista.org/files/debian_gnu_kfreebsd/tmp/20090806/2230_r60004/udebs/ls

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