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Bug#539228: [da.jedall@gmail.com: Re: Bug#539228: partman freezes with encrypted partitions]

--- Begin Message --- hi,

Partman freezes at 55% and not 52% (i don t think this detail is important in fact...)
I send you the output of psaux and dmesg after the freezing
And the partman and syslog files from /var/log
This time partman has freezed at the second partition i have tried to use as encrypted volume.
This files will give you more detailed informations

2009/7/30 Max Vozeler <xam@debian.org>
severity 539228 important


On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 12:43:04AM +0200, da jedall wrote:
> When i try to install debian squeeze on usb key (netinstall)
> and when i try to create installation over encrypted fs in partman,partman
> reload and freeze at 52% of loading.
> The installation is in french ,partman works in french until the bug occurs.
> Next partman crashes,and i have a message saying "loading partman 52%"
> (in english this time!!) and all stay freezed at this point.

I will try to reproduce this and figure out what happens.

For the moment I'm lowering severity to important because
the partitioning (with and without crypto) seems to be working
fine in general for the setups I tested today.


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