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Re: test of makefs in kfreebsd d-i

Luca Favatella dixit:

>I'm attaching
>* a screenshot of the problem I get in the (monolithic) image built using makefs

Please attach screenshots in ASCII. I mostly read my eMails either
via ssh or on an 80486DLC laptop from 1993 with not enough RAM for
XFree86®, so I cannot view any images.

>How can I keep some free inodes?

I don't quite know if that's the problem you meant, but:
The size of 4.2FFS images cannot currently be calculated, you
must use the -s option.

>How can I explicitly select ufs1 (not ufs2) in makefs? (the man page
>is not so clear)

makefs -t ffs target.img dir

4.2FFS is the default.

//mirabilos, who will answer more if he gets sent an ASCII screenshot
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