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Bug#539586: [s390] partman-base: fails ugly when ext4 is selected

On Monday 03 August 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> The failure mode is rather ugly though with libparted apparently
> returning something that partman isn't able to handle correctly and the
> pipe to parted-server dying as a result.

The last entry in /var/log/partman is:

parted_server: main_loop: iteration 65
parted_server: Opening infifo
/lib/partman/update.d/50filesystems: IN: CHANGE_FILE_SYSTEM =dev=dasda 98304-20$
parted_server: Read command: CHANGE_FILE_SYSTEM
parted_server: Opening outfifo
parted_server: command_change_file_system(98304-2000093183,ext4)
parted_server: partition_with_id(98304-2000093183)
parted_server: Filesystem ext4 not found, let's see if it is a flag
parted_server: Bad file system or flag type: ext4
parted_server: Line 1704. CRITICAL ERROR!!!  EXITING.
/lib/partman/update.d/50filesystems: error_handler: exception with type
/lib/partman/update.d/50filesystems: error_handler: reading message
/lib/partman/update.d/50filesystems: error_handler: reading options

Which is:
  1687  void
  1688  command_change_file_system()
  1689  {
  1702          part = partition_with_id(disk, id);
  1703          if (part == NULL) {
  1704                  critical_error("Partition not found: %s", id);
  1705          }

There are quite a few of these "critical_error" exits, but it looks like
the partman scripts don't handle them at all nicely.

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