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Bug#539744: installation-reports

user debian-boot@lists.debian.org
usertags 539744 s390

Thank you for your report.

On Monday 03 August 2009, Winfried Muench wrote:
> Install base system:    [E] Error: "chroot /target mount -t proc proc
> /proc" would not work, the Command on the Shell works fine, retry the
> step after set this command on the shell was e work around.

I have just done an installation on s390 (Hercules emulator) and cannot 
reproduce this, although we have seen that error mentioned before.

Could you send us the syslog (gzipped!) and hardware-summary for your 
installation? They should be available in /var/log/installer on the new 
installed system.

> Clock/timezone setup:   [ ] there was no step in the installer ? not
> shure.

If you'd try again tomorrow or even in a few hours, the time zone will be 
set. I fixed that issue a few days ago :-)
However, during a standard installation setting the time zone happens 
silently if the country only has one time zone. The system clock is not 
modified by the installer on s390.


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