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Re: List spam cleanup: half-time scores

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> However, it looks as if we do need one additional DD to help with 
> reviewing reported spams [2] so they really get removed from the archive. 
> There are currently ~350 mails waiting to be reviewed (that's 10% of 
> what's been removed so far, so definitely worthwhile). I've already done 
> them, and I guess Christian is also still doing that, so just one more 

I confirm. I'm reviewing reporting spams the day the script is run. I
haven't done this today, though..:-)

While I'm at it, I also slowly process other lists, starting from
those that have few reported spams. Each week, I add one list to those
I review. I currently reached the lists that have about 80 reported

I also still continue reviewing old years. I'm left with 11/1998 to
05/2000 to do.

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