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Bug#539512: prevent running kernel warning during d-i

reassign 539512 pkgsel

On Saturday 01 August 2009, martin f krafft wrote:
> After d-i installs the kernel, it connects to security.d.o and
> possibly upgrades the kernel. This elicits a warning that the
> currently running kernel is the same as the new one. Maybe this
> warning could/should be prevented,

> either by preseeding it (if possible),

That would mean the dialog will *never* get displayed again.

> or by adding security.d.o early enough so that the non-security kernel
> is not even considered?

When the original kernel gets installed apt is not yet fully configured. 
Changing that would be very hard and is probably not even desirable.

The only realistic option is probably to run the upgrade phase with
the noninteractive frontend.


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