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Bug#538344: tzsetup: base-installer hook script returns error

On Saturday 25 July 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> > Apparently time/zone is empty. I assume that s390 installs have no
> > localisation or something?
> I doubt that. localechooser does get run (only for country selection,
> language is preseeded to C) and tzsetup should be run normally.
> Hmm, but from the log (and a retry) it does not look to be run at all.
> In fact, it is not even listed in the menu... AFAIK that in itself is a
> regression.
> Looks like tzsetup is installed (it is in /v/l/dpkg/status and
> templates are present), but there is no tzsetup-udeb.postinst in
> /v/l/dpkg/info.

Hmmm. It looks like this is a relatively old issue.

Once upon a time tzsetup had its own postinst, but it is now called from 
clock-setup. And clock-setup is not built for s390, I suspect because the 
installer is not supposed to mess with the system clock of an s/390 

So, currently tzsetup does get installed on s390 (as it is Priority 
standard), but the tzsetup script never gets executed. And that results 
in time/zone being empty.

But tzsetup definitely should be run, so we need some kind of special 
handling here.

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