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Bug#399840: Do we want an ssh-server task? vs. Bug#452388: "standard" system

On Tuesday 28 July 2009, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:
> > I'd very much appreciate to have more input about this. I think that
> > an SSH server deserves to be put in light in some way. On the other
> > hand, having a task for only one package is kind of overkill....
> Why not put the ssh server (and client) into the "standard" task?

That's not how the standard task works: it is defined by the Priority 
field of packages, not a list we can put things in like the others.

And an important argument against ssh-server in standard is that we want 
to have as few services as possible that listen for network connections 
in a standard install.

Note that we already _do_ install ssh-server when an installation uses 
network-console, i.e. when the installation itself uses ssh-server.

> I feel like the worst problem with the Standard task is that it's an
> artifical collection, not something with a purpose like the other
> tasks.

No, it is not a random collection. It is what the project has defined 
as "the set of utilities that users expect to be present by default on a 
normal Linux/Unix system". See the definition of Priority: standard in 

> I never install the standard task on the latter [...]

I always install the standard task (but may remove a few selected packages 

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