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Bug#536614: Provides wrong information about the encoding of the locales

On Sunday 12 July 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Anton Zinoviev (anton@lml.bas.bg):
> > At the end of the file localechooser from the package localechooser
> > there is the following code:
> >
> > # All locales being UTF-8, unconditionnally set this, for
> > # console-setup purposes
> > db_set debian-installer/charmap UTF-8
> >
> > However, I noticed that in expert mode localechooser permits
> > non-UTF-8 locales.  Console-setup-udeb will generate wrong
> > configuration for such locales.
> The locales you can choose with the last question of localechooser are
> *additionnal* locales for the lcaoles package to generate. None of
> them is meant to become the default locale.
> So, I don't really think that enforcing d-i/charmap to UTF-8 is wrong
> as the system's default locale will always be UTF-8.

But you _can_ also select a different default locale!

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