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Re: Reducing the complication of choices in console-setup udeb config: first thought

Christian Perrier, le Mon 06 Jul 2009 07:15:45 +0200, a écrit :
> > Why not?  Even if we're not able to provide messages in the native
> > language of the user, it's still _very_ useful for the user to be able
> > to type mails in his own language.
> This is not how the reasoning was made all along D-I early development
> and not how console-data was maintained.


> Keymaps were added to the udeb of console-data only when the given
> language was supported. And, as of now, there has been no deep
> complaint that it should be done otherwise.

I fear that users who need the support just do not dare asking for it,
used to having poor support from Microsoft for instance.

> Still, that's quite a minor issue (whether we have 68 or 107 proposed
> keymaps).

Well, a menu with a hundred entries is maybe not so convenient. My
point was that there are a lot of different keyboards for the various
languages (please note that my script doesn't show any variant) and at
some point we could want to support them all, so we have to wonder how
to present the choice among a hundred of them.


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